Natural and Local Source of Mosquito Repellent

As summer draws to an end, you may be tired of fighting mosquitoes, and wondering about the off-the-shelf products your family is using.

A Frederick shop, Savage Soaps, has come up with a product that deters mosquitoes naturally, and they call it Power Shield™.

Misti Morningstar, who has created the line and runs the shop on East Church Street, said the product came about in 2016 after she saw multiple incidents in the news regarding the mosquito disease, Chikungunya virus, This virus, picked up in Africa, Asia, Europe and Indian Ocean regions,  causes fever and joint pain and has no vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“I do a lot of traveling myself and I thought something like this could help myself, but also the world,” she says.

As she researched and realized the virus was quite complex, she realized that “Nature Against Nature” may be the best way to fight. “Our planet affords the ingredients for anything, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to put together the right recipe,” she says.

Power Shield™ is a blend of 12 essential oils, all blended in-house at Savage Soaps, as both a soap and a 4 oz. travel-sized body oil. It’s most effective, Misti says, is when the two are used together. The solution is vegan, palm free, color free and gluten free.

She tested the formula in her mother’s gardens and rain water barrel, by tracking down the mosquito larva and mixing them with essential oil drops of Power Shield™ formula. The next day the larva were dead.

She has also discovered the formula is effective on skin to help eliminate acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin bumps and rashes. Some clients come to the store with severe skin issues, and some have been to dermatologists who cannot help them, but have found relief by using Power Shield™ , she says. A dermatologist in Bethesda now carries Power Shield™ for her patients.

Consumers can purchase Power Shield™ on our website and on Amazon. Power Shield™ continues to be their top selling item.