My Solar Panel Journey

Yes, as this did not happen overnight, I would call it a journey.  It was a wonderfully pleasant journey.


Going solar was not on my ‘to do’ list for 2019.  I attend a Green Festival in Thurmont back in April just to check it out and support my friend, Linda.  I started talking to the guy at the solar panel table, just to be friendly. I had it in my brain that there is no way I can install solar panels on my townhouse roof.  HOAs having the reputation that they have would never allow it.  Plus, there was the cost that I could never meet on my paycheck to paycheck budget.

But this nice young man told me that HOAs in Maryland must allow, by law, solar panel installation in their communities.  ONE MYTH DISPELLED!  Then he tells me that there is no money down and some banks have created solar panel loans where the payments are stretch out enough the monthly amount is equal to what your electric bill was. SECOND MYTH DISPELLED! So, I took his card and went home to think.

I ran into Andy Rennie from Key Solar Solutions again at the Frederick Green Neighbor Festival in May and set up a free consultation appointment.  WOW, was I actually going to do this!?

I had done my own research beforehand and Andy filled in the blanks about how Key Solar Solutions works out the particulars.  But first my house and location had to pass inspection.  Was my roof in good enough shape (CHECK!) and did I receive enough sunlight to equal my needs (CHECK!).  We were off… to get the red tape in order.  Or should I say, Andy was.  Andy and Key Solar Solutions handled all the paperwork, permits, loans and scheduling.

I was so excited! I am telling everyone about my upcoming installation.  What is it about people that makes them want to tell you their own honor stories, about different companies, of course?

At 8am on the dot of August 14 William and Oscar were at my door ready to work.  Brandon, the electrician arrived around 9am.  These guys are wonderful!  Friendly and professional.  They answered questions and let me take pictures.  They were neat and brought their own trash can.  They used one ladder to access my roof from the sidewalk.  I was concerned for my plants, but I needn’t be.   Later, Billy showed up to help out.  The entire installation was done by 3pm THAT DAY!  Inspections and electric meter change were done within the week and I was up and running.  I even have an app to show me how much electricity I am generating.  It is soooo cool!

It was all such a calm and wonderfully fulfilling experience, I highly recommend them.

Check them out!