Green Drinks Frederick

Green Drinks is an international movement that began at least a decade ago and is now held internationally. Volunteers organize a venue, advertise the gathering (normally monthly) and often feature a short speaker on a sustainable topic from the business or nonprofit sector. Fredericks Green Drinks was started around 2010 by Rich Maranto,whose website, Maryland Goes Green, to highlight solar energy projects in Maryland. After several successful years, Green Drinks Frederick took a break until it was restarted in 2018 by a coalition of Maryland Goes Green, Green, Community F.A.R.E. and Envision Frederick County. Having gone through two seasons of events, the group continues on with plans for new venues and new topics for 2019!

This page is a collector page for all the info you need to know.

Rich Maranto, Founder, Green Drinks Frederick




WATCH FOR 2019 Venues and Speakers!

Dates: Feb. 20, March 20, April 17!


2018 Speakers                                                                                          2018 Venues                          

Ron Holter, Holterholm Farms                                                                   Serendipity Market

Frank Hazzard, Tiny House Expos                                                           Red Horse Restaurant

Lisa Orr, Mountainside Education                                                             McClintock’s Distillery

Phil Westcott, Key City Compost

Elizabeth McCook, Urbana HS Composting

Alysia Feurer, Monocacy Composting

Barry Salisbury, Middletown Valley Preservation

Anne Bradley, Frederick County Farm Preservation

Stacy Carroll   Hungry Harvest

Bruce Zavos, Zavos Architecture

Sandy Sagalkin, Monarch Alliance