Grocery Story: The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants

About this event :

Hungry for change? Put the power of food co-ops on your plate and grow your local food economy. Through penetrating analysis, inspiring stories and examples of American and Canadian food co-ops, Grocery Story makes a compelling case for the transformation of the grocery store aisles as the emerging frontier in the local and good food movements. Author Jon Steinman deconstructs the food retail sector and the shadows cast by corporate giants, explaining how co-ops spur the creation of local food-based economies and enhance low-income food access.


Your host : Linda

Linda is founder of Green Frederick and has been working in sustainability since 1990 when the took the helm of the Frederick County Recycling Office. Since then she has also been a communications and writing consultant on sustainability, and communications director for the US Composting Council.

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