Fire and Frost: Tracking, fire-building, wild cordage making--$22

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This month we will be learning the 6 disciplines of tracking as we locate animal tracks around Fox Haven Learning Center’s property. As we explore the land we will identifying several plants that make great crafted cordage for survival.

We’ll travel the woods and fields of Fox Haven, stopping as we go to practice different skills. Fire-building, reading the landscape and navigating it with and without a compass, tracking, and building shelters out of what we bring and what we can find will be part of the fun. Real life survival stories will be shared along the way. Youth will be encouraged to use the information and skills they learn to predict what actions the people in the story should take to survive.

$22 for one class

This program is designed for youth ages 7 to 12. For youth outside of this age range please email Let us know if you’d like an adult program like this too!

Time: 1:00-3:30

Your host : Linda

Linda is founder of Green Frederick and has been working in sustainability since 1990 when the took the helm of the Frederick County Recycling Office. Since then she has also been a communications and writing consultant on sustainability, and communications director for the US Composting Council.

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