Limited Food Waste Composting Act of Frederick County, Public Hearing (Free)

About this event :

The Frederick Compost Workgroup urges you to write to the County Council ( or the Frederick News-Post to share your support for this bill. Or, post about it on social media. Tell your friends. Do something to help us get the bill through–because it will allow composting of food scraps from outside a farm property (like spoiled produce from grocery stores or cafeterias, or restaurant table scraps, or the inedible fruit and veggies from your local farmers market). Its pretty limited, as its title says–for on-farm use up to 5,000 square feet there’s no zoning hearing required,  over 5,000 square feet and up to 10 acres requires zoning site plan approvals. Maryland Department of Environment regulations on odor, emissions, and other requirements will still be required even with county zoning approval.

This type of composting is happening all over the country–and the world–but not yet here in Frederick County. You’d have to spent lots of money on lawyers and applications because the way things stand now you would have to get a full land rezoning even to have a quarter-acre operation. We will never move forward on composting with those kinds of limitations because composting by its essence is a LOCAL activity that should take place in our own midst to benefit local farms; and would have the least environmental impact in a farm county such as ours by having compost made here, where it can be used where it is generated!

The public hearing is Sept. 25 at 7 pm. Find a factsheet here to help you understand the bill and make your case!

Your host : Linda

Linda is founder of Green Frederick and has been working in sustainability since 1990 when the took the helm of the Frederick County Recycling Office. Since then she has also been a communications and writing consultant on sustainability, and communications director for the US Composting Council.

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