Earthen Oven Workshops with Michael Judd/Ecologia

About this event :

Learn to build an Earthen Pizza Oven in two afternoon workshops at Long Creek Homestead, Frederick Maryland.  This opportunity to get hands on with earth building. We will build an earthen oven to use during our annual Paw Paw Festival over two Sunday afternoons. The first afternoon will be building the cob ring for the oven floor, insulating with sand and bottles, laying the brick floor, building a sand form and applying the first layer of the oven. The second afternoon we will apply the cob insulation layer and the finish plaster. Even if you can only make one of the days it will be worth it. Very limited spaces. $50

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Your host : Linda

Linda is founder of Green Frederick and has been working in sustainability since 1990 when the took the helm of the Frederick County Recycling Office. Since then she has also been a communications and writing consultant on sustainability, and communications director for the US Composting Council.

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