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Elizabeth Bauer reviews The Soil Will Save Us.

The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson

I find science to be troubling at times; for a theory to be a “scientific fact” it usually requires a controlled systematic study.  In regenerative agriculture “systematic studies” are virtually impossible with so many variables in testing soil carbon replenishment.  There are those skeptics who don’t agree with the techniques used in this type of farming.

However, Kristin Ohlson’s book The Soil Will Save Us provides us specific examples of the successes she witnessed first hand.  Her book is outstanding and explains how farmers and believers are foraging forward in their efforts to demonstrate the rate of increase in soil carbon in each of the farms she visited throughout the world while researching her book.

Of worth noting to the naysayers, the author states “the benefits of building soil carbon are potentially huge — resulting in not only more productive farms, cleaner waterways, and overall healthier landscapes, but also global warming mitigation!”  I finished the book not only wanting to start working on an acre of my land, but wanted to purchase some cows, sheep and goats!  I knew only a bit about this topic when I started the book.  I became thoroughly engrossed, learned a tremendous amount and highly recommend it to everyone!

Elizabeth Bauer is a resident of Middletown, MD where she enjoys the peace and quiet of a rural life. She is the Chair of Envision Frederick County and is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of one of our most valuable resources, our land and open space.