This website is the labor of love of Linda Norris-Waldt, one of the green mavens of Frederick County!

Over time, she has managed to become an expert on recycling and waste diversion, and most recently composting and vermicomposting. Linda has longtime connections in a variety of sustainable spaces, from green building and solar energy to regenerative agriculture and green business; and also plans to bring events, information and discussion of natural and local food and cooking and “tread lightly” recreation and green space conservation to the fore.

It seems natural to share all these connections with the wider world, and GreenFrederick/ ItsaTinyPlanet.com aims to do just that: provide a central space for e-visitors to find businesses, practices, events and thinking that resonate with their wish to live with the future of our children—and our planet–in mind.

Be inspired and encouraged–you don’t need to reinvent your life; just take one small step at a time.