50 Ways to Be Green in Frederick County

We’ve pulled together our blog posts, facebook and instagram posts in honor of our Third Anniversary and have put together this document filled with tips about local vendors, groups and resources! Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator, laundry room or garage–where these ideas have a lot of impact!

learn to be green

Outdoor Living
1. Plant pollinator friendly gardens to attractbees and butterflies. For sources of native plants visit https://mdflora.org/nurseries.
2. Make sure not to buy weed/pest killers that may wipe out your pollinators: https://greenfrederick.org/pollinator-friendly
3. Plant clover instead of grass. It requires less mowing, is softer on your feet and the bees love it.
4. Keep a compost pile for your yard trimmings and food scraps. The Frederick County Recycling Office has bins and classes: https://frederickcountymd.gov/3730/Composting-at-Home
5. Create a landscape that incorporates rain gardens and ecological design.
6. Do you have the
space? Get trees from Maryland’sTree Nursery and do your own tree planting!                                                                  https://greenfrederick.org/marylandtreenursery/
7. Contract with a local business likeKey City Compost (keycompost.com)
8. Vermicompost your food scraps — it can be done year-round. The Hungry Redworm can help you figure out how to get started. www.facebook.com/thehungryredworm9. Don’t use chemical weed killers. Get some exercise and pull
them yourself.
10. Follow GreenFrederick.org on Facebook, Instagram and check our website for more ideas!

Recycling/Waste Reduction
1. Return your fluorescent light bulbs for recycling. Any Frederick Home Depot/Lowes has a bin at the front door to accept them.
2. Dispose of electronics properly (batteries included). E-end accepts and recycles your electronics: www.eendusa.com
3. Bring reusable coffee cups/water bottles with you.
4. Buy in bulk for cereals, pastas, and other cooking supplies; many
grocery stores as well as M.O.Ms and the Common Market offer bulk items.
5. Use reusable shopping bags everywhere you shop, not just the grocery store! Common Market
donates to good causes which you can choose with your own token when you bring a bag.
6. Shop thrift stores and donate your items as well. Shop the ReStore, Goodwill and the Salvation Army.
7. Learn to FreeCycle your unneededitems! https://groups.freecycle.org/group/FrederickMD
8. Check with places where you eat and drink: they may give you a discount for bringingyour own container.
9. Carry your own straw in your car/ purse/tote bag so you’ll have it handy. Frederick Target carries 3 packs
of washable steel straws for $9.99.
10. For coffee drinkers, use reusable instead of single use k-cups (found at Common Market/M.O.M.s and some grocery stores).

1. When you picnic or camp, leave the area cleaner than you found it.
2. Use proper (follow the signs) recycling/compost services like Key City Compost when receptacles are
available (such as Baker Park Sunday concerts).
3. Advocate for recycling and composting at local events.
4. Break your single-use bottled water habit and carry a reuseable water bottle-reduce litter and your costs!
5. If you’re a smoker, use the downtown Frederick receptacles for cigarette butts — https://greenfrederick.org/cigarettebutts/.

Conserve Energy
1. Get a smart power strip from a local entrepreneur: goefer.com
2. Can you carpool or combine errands into fewer trips?
3. Participate in May in Bike to Work Day Frederick.
4. Want a bike with more power for commuting by bike for longer distances? Check out Pedego Frederick.
5. Investigate no-money-down solar panels. With some companies, installing solar panels is just is just the cost of your electric bill, only now your
electricity is helping a climate change mitigator. Keysolarsolutions.com
6. Check if there is cost-saving help for going solar — check out Maryland Clean Energy Grants. https://energy.maryland.
7. Set your A/C a few degrees higher in the summer and your heat a few degrees lower in the winter.
8. Upgrade your water heater and other appliances to energy-saving units. Check if you are eligible for grants by
applying to the local Power Saver Retrofits
9. Get a free home energy checkup that could result in up to $150 in light bulbs and other energysavers, or a home energy audit. Contact Glory
Energy or Munro Properties. https://energysavemd-home.com/quick-home-energy-checkup/find-a-home-energy-expert/
10. Insulate those cracks that let in the cold and the heat. Check Green Fredericks business directory for companies that help you save whenyou do this!

Advocate and Volunteer

  1. Send your name to Green Frederick’s Volunteer bureau! We will plug you into a group that suits your interest!
  2. Plant trees locally with Streamlink! www.streamlinkeducation.org
  3. Advocate with local environmentalists: Sierra Club Catoctin Group
  4. Share your ideas with friends on social media, and tag @GreenFrederick so we can
    spread your green brilliance!
  5. Follow, share and support what local and global people are doing, such as 4ocean and TheOceanCleanup.
  6. Pick up litter in your community. Adopt a road by contacting the Frederick County Highway Department or State Highway Department. See resources at  greenfrederick.org/adoptaroad

Thank you to Patrice Gallagher of Gallagher Wood Design for lending her talents to this project!